This self-taught visual artist began her artistry in Portland, Oregon in 2010, where she studied Fine Arts and Graphic Design but she is a San Francisco native, who has had a passion for art since childhood. Her acrylic paintings often portray African American women and their natural beauty, embodied with glitter, texture and color. Now, she’s becoming a familiar face in Citrus Heights & Sacramento, CA, where she’s been featured in various exhibitions and fundraisers, including Shades of Carmichael, The Banana Festival, and several Stellar Studios Bowl Making Events. Some of her vibrant Public Artworks are displayed on several Sacramento News & Review Newsstands, which can be found Downtown on J St. and on the campus of Sacramento City College. This year, she looks forward to participating in more public art projects and hosting more paint party events.


Acrylic Paintings, Clothing and More.